Are you in search of a Technical writer to write your product User Guides, Online Help, Video representations or Technical Documentation?

I’m Seema Kotian based in Bangalore, India can help you with technical documents having proven expertise in content writing for more than 6 years.

I can help you with defining document templates, Estimation and Documentation planning, Document translation, Document conversion – to PDF, CHM or HTML formats, Template design, Technical writing.

My expertise in the following:

  • Configuration Guides
  • Data Sheets
  • Functional Requirements
  • Installation Guides
  • Troubleshooting and Help documents – FAQs
  • Online Help
  • Operations Manuals
  • Policy Documents
  • Release Notes
  • Reference Manuals
  • Structured Authoring
  • System Administration Guide
  • User Guides
  • Website/Blog Content

You can refer to some of my writings at: http://cutesmilealways.blogspot.com/ , http://visitmangalore.wordpress.com/ , or http://wordsnexpressions.wordpress.com/

If you want me to work on the above mentioned tasks, please feel free to contact me at seemakotian@gmail.com or submit your query here:



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