Shades of Kochi: Chinese Fishing Nets

IMG_8249Fort Kochi, small sleepy town during the monsoons. During our visit to Fort Kochi, mostly off season as June to September is the core monsoon season in Kerala. Well, we love monsoon and the shades of nature during monsoon. Since, it’s the beginning of the season we could still see tourists from around Kerala flocking on the touristy small town of Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets is one of the main tourist attractions in Vasco Da Gama square, Fort Kochi. During our three days stay at Fort Kochi, we have been here during the day light, sunset and sunrise. We loved the place most during the sunrise, as the shore is serene with only fishermen and no tourist except the one’s who love serenity and photography. I liked the early morning auction of the fresh catch of the day. The state fish of Kerala, Pearl Spot (Karimeen) was so live even when out of the water.

Few shades of Chinese Fishing Nets during the Daylight, Sunrise and Sunset:


18 thoughts on “Shades of Kochi: Chinese Fishing Nets

    • Sims says:

      True Sabyasachi, though the place is polluted a bit we weren’t tired coming back twice in a day to admire the scenes around the Chinese fishing nets.

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