Faces and Pilgrimages

We see faces everywhere.I was going through my collections and these people reminded me of those visits. Here are the portraits of people whom we captured on our different trips to spiritual destinations around.

DharmasthalaPiligrims who visit Dharmasthala take a holy dip at the Netravathi River bank. Seeing the Baba’s image here, I remembered the condition of Netravathi river. People have not considered nature as their home, they have polluted the river and the river banks with everything they can. It is very disheartening to see the temple town in such a state.

Dharmasthala at Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka is home to Shri Manjunatha Temple and piligrims from all over Karnataka visit this temple. Dr. Veerendra Heggade is the current successor of this temple and known for his provinding judgement to the one’s who come seeking justice. It is believed that the justice he provides represents the will of dieties.

Shri Manjunatha Temple, also has a very organised dining hall providing free food for lakhs of piligrims visiting everyday. The service is so swift, making it possible for more people to dine easily. The Dharmasthala kitchen was also featured in National Geographic Channel. Refer: http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id=329575

Haji Ali
Haji AliOn our way to Haji Ali, we spotted these gentlemen sitting behind the pickup truck. Their expressions involved in deep thinking.

Mumbai is the city of seven islands and in one of the islet there’s this powerful shrine Haji Ali Mosque and Dargah. We had visited Haji Ali in June and Monsoon had not yet started. So we didn’t have to worry about high tides and we could walk the Worli coastway easily. The path was very very crowded as we visited after dusk, the path was so crowded with street vendors, beggers, homeless, piligrims leaving no space for any movement. But the sight of Haji Ali was illuminating.

MahalakshmiHe’s the flower seller near Mahalakshmi Temple in Mumbai. He was selling Lotus and even at that time at night the lotus was fresh and beautiful.

The Lakshmi temple in Mahalakshmi area is a very famous temple. The temple premises has several stalls and flower sellers around.

TirupathiA mother was applying henna to her dear daughter in the grounds of Tirupati temple. So dear is mothers love.

Tirumala Venkateshwara temple in Tirupati, Andra Pradesh is one of the famous shrine all over India with lakhs of people visiting the temple. One has to wait in the long queues for 3 to 4 hours to get a quick darshan of Lord Venkateshwara.


16 thoughts on “Faces and Pilgrimages

    • Sims says:

      Thanks Santosh. Each trip is memorable because of the people and events that occur during the trip, isn’t it?

  1. Brooding pictures and dharmasthala is one of my favourite places of karnataka, you just showed the faces of real people! I loved the pictures for this is the type of photography I’m interested in:)

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