Unexplored – Netravathi river bank


There are many unexplored locations right under our nose, still we ignore such locations. During my recent visit to my home-town, I made an effort to explore around. Read on my experience from the link: Netravathi River Bank


Kaiga at Mallapur, Karwar

Prashant-Sea eagle

Only few are lucky to visit this place as the Kaiga Generating Station is located here. Recently, Me and Prashant had an opportunity to participate in the Kaiga Bird Marathon organised by NPCIL. The moment I was here, I fell in this place. Nature in abundance, we witnessed so many birds, flora and fauna. I wish I was one among those who are working in NPCIL, staying amidst the nature utilizing the opportunity to be with nature.

I have composed my birding experience during the bird marathon in my personal blog: Kaiga Bird Marathon 2016. Hope you all will like it.