Bengre Beach and Riverside – Mangalore


This time when I visited Mangalore for Independence Day and this Independence Day was well celebrated with Family, Friends and Sea shore.

Where is Bengre?

Bengre is a small island in Mangalore city with few of the Mangalorean population staying there.

How to reach Bengre?

There are two options to reach Bengre.

  1. Via Passenger Ferry which ferries passengers from Dakke (which is Harbor or Mangalore’s Fishing Dock) to Bengre.
  2. Via Taneerubhavi Road, the road which is used to reach Taneerubhavi continues till Bengre. There are few buses from this route or you can use private mode of transportation.

We opted to use the ferry from dakke. In fact, dakke was Mangalore’s first port which later moved to the current Mangalore Port in Panambur. Still, we find few goods which are operated at Dakke. Then the fishing dock is still functional here as it is convenient from this location.

The ferry charges are 5 rupees per person, once you get into Bengre, you will not find any Restaurants or Malls, and rather you find petty shops all over.

To reach the Beach or the Golf setup area, you need to walk few kilometers passing the village. We used the short cuts, visiting one of our friends relatives house and then to the beach.

Honestly speaking, the beach was very dirty as it the end where river meets the sea called Mouth, and no one visits this beach except the villagers. Moreover, it was rainy season and all the garbage from all over Mangalore is collected in the shore. One old lady was collecting the firewood’s from the garbage from the shore but no one bothers to clean other stuff. And Sea wouldn’t keep anything for itself.

But the feel was good. We spent some time near the beach, though we could not get into the beach. And the shore is very shallow and it is not suggested to get into the water.

From the shore we walked towards the golf setup which is in conflict now. The look and feel is like Marine Drive expect for the crowd. The place where River and Sea meets, they have placed tetrapod’s near the edges. We clicked few photographs and watched the locals fishing with fishing rods and they were getting good amount of fish. We watched the sunset and headed back via the ferry to Dakke. The boat ferries until 10:00 at night.

Few flicks from Bengre:

Fresh catch by the locals


Black and White Family!


Around Dakke Fishing Dock and Bengre





11 thoughts on “Bengre Beach and Riverside – Mangalore

  1. Habib Khader says:

    My opinion Regarding dirty its not made by Bengre people it’s made by Manglore City people I saw lots of educated people throw garbage in to open drainage. All tthese dirty come to Bengre

    • Sims says:

      Exactly Habib. The dirt is collected at the Bengre Shore from all over Mangalore. It’s a sad state civilians do not understand this.

  2. Ali says:

    I plan to visit dhakke port on 19th nay 2017 Friday, with my family to see the fish catch, also plan to buy few and do the own seashore cooking. Any clean beach place around dhakke to get wet and also stay a night. We need budget stay options. My no is 9880010191.plz call immediate no time

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